About Us

Curve-Fit Company was founded in 2019, By the owners of Think Rich Promotion LLC. Curve-Fit Launched in 2020.
Becoming a brand-new face to fitness Apparel worldwide.
Our new company started off as a Clothing Athletics fitness line and soon incorporated other services to fit our customers daily necessity such as Online: Physical (Personal trainers), along with (Certified Nutritionist) to assist our customers personal needs. All of our clothing is designed to fit everyone’s needs. Our Clothing is for (YOU).
When we created this company, we decided to create a platform not only for personal Fitness needs but an Individual’s Whole’s Being: giving our customers something unique: all in one setting. Curve-Fit creates: Confidence in the Gym and Out. Curve-Fit has been designed for everyone: no matter your body type or mindset we are here to help YOU. Whether you’re Petite or Tall, Athletic or Pear Shaped We’ve got the perfect apparel for YOU.

The clothing Line has been designed with the best material that’s great for everyone’s everyday needs Male or Female Etc. Cure-Fit Clothing is: 100% Dry fit, Moisture and Wrinkling Free, Chafe- resistant with a soft stretchable fabric for your comfort.

We stand behind our Brand 100% fitness, Sports and Style.

What We Do

We help our clients with support that will last for a lifetime.

We will help provide our clients with the support to fit in their everyday lives such as Fitness personal training, Nutritional support as well as Mental and Spiritual support created through our Daily Blogs and Newsletters.

Curve- Fit, helps to encourage our clients on all levels by developing steps; that will create a better and healthy lifestyle!!

We will provide this support by directing you to the best individuals on our team that will ensure personal well-being.

Believe us, whatever your everyday needs consist of, we will point you in the right direction.

While sporting your Curve – Fit apparel

Curve- Fit- Personal Trainers: We will provide a list of personal trainers in multiple areas to help you get in the best shape of your life at your convenience.

Curve- Fit- Nutritionist: The Nutritionist will assist with your dieting plans and much more. Our awesome Curve-Fit Team is always keen to help YOU, So Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your Needs.

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